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This set is for the real professional who wants to be able to cut all hair types and perform all techniques. The Haircrane scissors are unique because of:

  • The most natural haircut
  • Reduce pain complaints by 50%
  • Preventing pain complaints
  • Stimulate creativity
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The Haircrane set of 4 for the real professional to apply all hair types and cutting techniques!

This set consisting of the 4 best Haircrane scissors. With this set you can operate all hair types, from fine to thicker hair types, and perform all cutting techniques that exist. This unique set gives you all the freedom and possibilities during cutting, nothing is impossible anymore.

CUT 5.5, 6, 6.5 or 7

The Haircrane KNIP is the must-have for every hairdresser. Ideal for clipping/point cut techniques and very nice with the 'blunt' cut, or straight cut techniques. In addition, the longer Haircrane CUT scissors are particularly well suited for cutting techniques. This Haircrane offers you many options during cutting.


The slice is specially designed for slice techniques. For slicing it is important that the blades are round, otherwise sharpened and extra sharp. This makes these scissors extremely suitable for slicing and sliding cutting. These scissors are an absolute must-have. The SLICE is very popular with curly hairdressers and extension specialists.


The Haircrane BLEND has 27 patented teeth that are cut at a special angle and ground at an angle that seals the hair while cutting. These scissors are very unique and for most hairdressers 'the best coupe scissors ever'.


The Haircrane COUPE has 27 teeth with 3-serations that effilate the hair and at the same time glide through the hair. In thick hair, these coupe scissors will remove enough hair and make lines softer. Very suitable for short haircuts and men's haircuts. These scissors are unique because of the specially slanted cutting blades.

The Haircrane BLEND and the Haircrane COUPE scissors are standard 6 inches.


The Haircrane is known for its unique angle that ensures the most natural cutting position. Keep your elbow and arm low and your wrist straight. Combined with the finger drop and 3d handle you work relaxed. Your cutting results will be better because you can cut in the right direction, which makes the hair fall more beautifully. The Haircrane reduces and prevents pain complaints.

The Haircrane CUT, COUPE, SLICE & BLEND Set comes with oil, cleaning cloth, screw coin, finger rings and insured shipping. Is this your first Haircrane scissors? Then it will be delivered in a black Haircrane case worth € 50 excl. VAT.

Are you convinced? Order your Haircrane scissors now for the very best cutting position. Do you want to test the Haircrane? Feel free to make an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Eindhoven or Alkmaar.

Haircrane scissors must only be sharpened by our sharpening service due to the sharpness of the blade. the specially ground blades and teeth.