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Original BLEND

  • 27 patented teeth at the top
  • Especially for finer hair types
  • Makes absolutely no fluff but 'seals' the hair
  • Gives no visible lines
  • This allows you to easily create movement and direction in the hair
  • Very special for softening long layers
  • Ideal to create layers of volume in short and long hair
  • A must-have for all hairdressers
€ 369,00excl. BTW
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Size6.0 inch

Size6.0 inch

Size6.0 inch



The Haircrane Original BLEND 6.0 inch is a soft coupe scissors that are specially designed to make the hair softer. You can put these scissors completely straight / horizontally in the hair for a soft blending. This Haircrane Original BLEND has 27 patented teeth that are cut at a special angle and ground at a different angle so that the hair is 'sealed' during cutting. This is the only coupe scissors that do not make any fluff. Ideal in long long haircuts, fine hair types and short haircuts to create volume.

These scissors are very popular among extension specialists, curling hairdressers and long hair hairdressers. The unique patented bend allows you to work in many directions and cut in the fall. This Haircrane offers you many creative possibilities.


The Haircrane is known for its unique angle that ensures the most natural cutting position. Keep your elbow and arm low and your wrist straight. Combined with the finger drop and 3d handle you can work relaxed. Your cutting results will be better because you can cut in the right direction, which makes the hair fall more beautifully. The Haircrane reduces and prevents pain.

The Haircrane Original BLEND comes with oil, cleaning cloth, screw coin, finger rings and insured shipping. Is this your first Haircrane scissors? Then it will be delivered in a black Haircrane case worth € 50 excl. VAT.

Are you convinced? Order your Haircrane scissors now for the very best cutting position. Do you want to test the Haircrane? Feel free to make an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Eindhoven or Alkmaar.

Haircrane scissors must only be sharpened by our sharpening service due to the sharpness of the blade and teeth.

Extra information

The ergonomics of the Haircrane provide the most natural cutting position. The handle with finger drop recess provides extra grip and stability.

The Haircrane Originals are hand-forged scissors and made of high-quality Japanese steel. This type of steel is of very sharp quality and durable.

Good to know: in Japan, the crane stands for happiness and a long life. The Haircrane color 'turquoise' stands for creativity and vision!

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