The scissors of the future

The Haircrane replaces the normal straight hairdressing scissors with its most natural cutting position. The Haircrane, made of Japanese steel, is a patented hairdressing scissor that has been specially developed for a relaxed posture.

The cutting position that the Haircrane offers prevents and reduces complaints. In addition, the Haircrane scissors stimulate the creativity of hairdressers.

The Haircrane is the only scissor in the hairdressing industry that offers the most natural cutting position. This is because our cutting blades are slanted on the handle. This is precisely the strength that characterizes these scissors. In addition, they are tuned to be able to apply every cutting technique perfectly.

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Immediately the correct position,
no course needed

Prevents or reduces pain complaints

Stimulates creativity

Easier and more creative cutting

The Haircrane has been developed to make hairdressers' work easier and more creative. No less than 50% of hairdressers experience pain during or after cutting. During the development of the Haircrane, the way of cutting and the cutting techniques were central. In addition, knowledge about scissors, steel types, sharpening & maintenance was of enormous importance. The big question was: how can you adopt a natural position while cutting?

We want to work easier, healthier, more creative and safer with scissors. From traditional scissors to very ergonomic scissors; there is as much as possible. But what do hairdressers expect? A pair of scissors that you will immediately love and that 'fits nicely in the hand'. The Haircrane has been developed to perfectly perform the most common cutting techniques. No course or extra explanation, but get started right away! The ergonomics and oblique angle of the Haircrane is a major advantage. The Haircrane is a unique pair of scissors that reduces and prevents complaints.

High quality Japanese steel

The Haircrane scissors are made of high quality Japanese steel. The angle in the scissors is called the 'crane', after the crane. In Japan, the crane stands for happiness, longevity, loyalty and honor. They are communicative and social, just like hairdressers. The unique angle ensures a good and pleasant cutting position. A great pair of scissors for hairdressers who want to practice their beloved profession for a long time.

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